Quality Grades

Our quality grades for Refurbished IT

The term refurbished is not protected and the classifications vary from provider to provider. The classification of refurbished goods at Uli Ludwig Computer is as follows:



renewed by MANUFACTURER with guarantee

Unused devices in original packaging with new components and (remaining) warranty from the manufacturer



renewed by ULI LUDWIG with at least 2 new components

Product that is visually and technically in very good condition and already has at least 2 NEW components installed. It has been little used and shows only minimal to normal signs of use (e.g. light scratches on the lid or housing). 3 year warranty.


refurbished in top condition

Used hardware refurbished by us. In very good condition WITHOUT new components. The devices have been little used and show only minimal to normal signs of wear. New components can be added via the configurator for an additional charge. 3 year warranty.