How to configure your workstation for Autodesk 3ds Max 2025

The 3D computer graphics program Autodesk 3ds Max was specially developed for modelling and visualisation. Graphic designers, game developers, CAD artists and architects use Autodesk 3ds Max for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. Here is our hardware recommendation for Autodesk 3DS Max 2025:


Maximum performance: The ultimate processor for 3DS Max 2025?

Choosing the right processor for your enterprise workstation that works with 3DS Max 2025 is crucial for your productivity and efficiency. Small projects benefit from powerful CPUs with good single-core performance, medium-sized projects require balanced multi-core and single-core performance, while complex projects require the absolute top performance of modern high-end processors. With the processors mentioned, you can ensure that your workstation meets all requirements and that you can implement your creative visions without technical limitations. Here we present the ideal processor choice for small, medium and complex projects.

small projects

  • For small projects in 3DS Max 2024, which mainly include simple models and animations, a processor with high single-core performance and moderate multi-core performance is recommended. An Intel Core i7-13700K or an Intel Xeon W-2245 are optimal candidates here. These processors offer:
  • High clock frequency: Enables fast editing and smooth real-time preview.
  • 8-16 cores: Provides sufficient multitasking performance for parallel processes such as modeling, texturing and light rendering tasks.

medium projects

  • For medium projects that include more complex models and more extensive animations, both single-core and multi-core performance are crucial. Here we recommend processors such as the Intel Core i9-13900K or the Intel xeon W7-2495X. These CPUs are characterized by the following features:
  • High core count (24 cores): Supports extensive multi-threading tasks, such as rendering more complex scenes and simulations.
  • Extended cache capacity: Improves performance in data-intensive processes and increases efficiency when editing larger 3D projects.

complex projects

  • Complex projects in 3DS Max 2025 that include highly detailed models, complex animations and extensive renderings require a workstation with a high-performance processor. The Intel Xeon W9-2475X or 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6262 are the best options here. These processors offer:
  • Extremely high core count (32-48 cores): Handles intensive multi-threaded tasks, ideal for rendering complex scenes and running simulations in real time.
  • High clock frequencies: Ensure that even single-threaded tasks are executed efficiently and quickly.
  • Large cache sizes and memory bandwidth: Allows fast data access and improves performance when processing large amounts of 3D data.

Memory for 3DS Max 2025: Optimized for every project size

Choosing the right memory (RAM) is crucial for the performance of your Enterprise Workstation in 3DS Max 2025. Whether you are working on small, medium or complex projects - with the right RAM configuration we ensure that your workstation always works smoothly and efficiently. Here we present you an optimized workstation that meets the requirements of small, medium and complex projects.

small projects

  • For small projects, such as simple 3D models or less complex animations, a well-equipped memory is crucial. Here we recommend a configuration with 32 GB RAM. This amount makes it possible to edit several files at the same time and perform basic renderings without suffering performance. The memory is fast enough to switch quickly between applications and process data efficiently.

medium projects

  • Medium projects include more complex scenes, more detailed models and more advanced animations. Here an extended memory of 64 GB RAM is ideal. This configuration ensures that larger data sets can be handled with ease and provides enough buffer to enable large renderings and simulations without bogging down the workstation.

complex projects

  • For very complex projects that involve highly detailed models, large scenes with many objects and advanced visual effects, a maximum of 128 GB RAM is required. This configuration provides the power and stability needed to handle even the most demanding tasks. This enables you to run complex simulations and create high-resolution renderings without sacrificing performance.


Graphics card power for 3DS Max 2025: The perfect solution for every project

A key component that deserves special attention is the graphics card. In this text, we present you a tailor-made enterprise workstation that is optimally tailored to the requirements of small, medium and complex projects.

small projects

  • For smaller projects, such as simple modeling or basic animations, an NVidia RTX A2000 graphics card is ideal. This card offers:
  • 4,096 CUDA cores for fast calculations
  • 6 GB GDDR6 memory, sufficient for simple to medium textures and scenes
  • Supports real-time ray tracing and AI-accelerated functions
  • Low power consumption, which contributes to a quiet and efficient working environment
  • The Nvidia Quadro RTX A2000 is more than capable of handling basic 3DS Max 2024 tasks quickly and efficiently.

medium projects

  • For medium projects that involve more complex modeling and animations, we recommend an Nvidia RTX 4000 ADA graphics card. This card offers:
  • 6,144 CUDA cores for even faster calculations
  • 20 GB of GDDR6 memory that can easily handle large textures and rich scenes
  • Improved real-time ray tracing capabilities and AI-powered toolsIdeal for rendering, simulation and more demanding tasks in 3DS Max 2025
  • The RTX 4000 ADA ensures that your workstation remains smooth and responsive even during intensive work.

complex projects

  • For complex projects, such as detailed architectural visualizations or high-resolution animations, an Nvidia RTX A6000 is the best choice. This model offers:
  • 10,752 CUDA cores for extremely fast calculations
  • 48 GB of GDDR6 memory, allowing for a nearly unlimited number of textures and very large scenes
  • Superior ray tracing and AI performance, offering the highest quality and speed
  • Optimal for cinematic rendering, complex simulations and all other demanding tasks in 3DS Max 2025.


Hard Drive Power for 3DS Max 2025: Maximum performance for every project size

Our Enterprise Workstation for 3DS Max 2025 offers a customized hard drive solution for every project size to give you the performance, reliability and scalability you need. With this powerful workstation, you can fully focus on your creative projects without worrying about performance bottlenecks or storage space issues.

small projects:

  • For small projects that require fast loading times and smooth workflows, a high-performance SSD (solid-state drive) is the ideal choice. Our Enterprise Workstation is equipped with an NVMe SSD that offers lightning-fast read and write speeds. This ensures short rendering times and smooth interaction with the 3DS Max user interface, even with small project files.

medium projects:

  • For medium-sized projects that require greater storage capacity without compromising on performance, we integrate a combination of SSD and HDD. The SSD serves as the primary drive for the operating system and applications, while the HDD provides additional storage for project files and resources. This hybrid configuration ensures quick access to frequently used files and generous storage capacity for your working files.

Complex projects:

  • For complex projects with extensive 3D models, textures and animations, we offer a RAID configuration with multiple high-performance SSDs. By implementing RAID 0 or RAID 5, we achieve maximum performance and data security. This configuration not only enables extremely fast read and write speeds for large files, but also provides redundancy to ensure the integrity of your data, even if one drive fails.

Recommendations for Autodesk 3ds Max