Not be new but tried-and-true

We are a dealer in refurbished computers and our central office is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our motto "Not be new but tried-and-true" represents the reliability and quality of our products. We have been selling refurbished computers such as Lenovo, HP and Dell since 2001. You will not get any refurbished computers but

  • Durable business hardware

  • High-quality components, matched to each other and easily exchangeable

  • Premium quality (RENEW, REFRESH, REFURBISHED)

  • 99 % Stock availability

  • Professionally maintained with original spare parts

  • Fast and safe delivery

  • Cleaned from inside and outside

  • Pre- and post-sales support

Workstation for CAD and video editing

His satisfied customers include architects, engineers, video and film studios, as well as producers, schools, government agencies and universities, whom he supports before and after the purchase in setting up a reliable IT infrastructure. The focus is on CAD and media. Here he advises professional users in the fields of architecture and engineering, manufacturing and product design, and graphic design & post-production.