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As a consumer you can return all products - refurbished or new - from the Uli Ludwig Computer shop to us for a refund in terms of the right of withdrawal and within a period of 14 days after receipt of the goods, as long as the goods are complete, unused and undamaged. If you are not sure whether your device will be suitable for the purpose intended or you suspect a fault, please contact Mr Ludwig before returning  the goods. Many problems can be solved without returning the goods.


Quick and easy return

Please take note of the following instructions to ensure quick and easy handling:

  • Your return package is best sent using the original packaging, but should always be sent in a sufficiently large cardboard box with sufficient bubble wrap. Please take care that the devices cannot slide within the package when you are packing monitors. This can best be prevented by covering both sides with sufficient bubble wrap.
  • Pease remember to return the connection cables that were included in the delivery
  • We can only accept the return of shrink-wrapped and/or sealed data carriers and toners when the shrink wrap is unopened or the seal is undamaged
  • All scanners are delivered with a transport lock that must be opened to test the device. IMPORTANT: The transport lock must be closed when the device is returned, otherwise the device will be completely destroyed during transport. We reserve the right to refund the purchasing price.
  • In the case of withdrawal from the contract please include the original invoice. The refund will be paid immediately after testing the device.

The refund takes place immediately after receipt of goods and inspection of the device. We will send you a return note in a separate e-mail.