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Bestseller Graphic Design & Postproduction
3D workstation for graphic designers and CGI artists

CAD programs for graphic design and postproduction challenge your workstation to the highest performance. For your creative solutions and digital editing, you need a balance between computing and graphics power.  Below are our recommendations for graphic designers and media designers:

To configure your workstation for Cinema 4D

The CAD program Cinema 4D is a 3D graphics software and was specially developed for complex visualizations and professional animations. The software impresses with its reliability and an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Cinema 4D is the perfect choice for 3D artists and film and TV professionals. Following our hardware recommendation for Cinema 4D:


If you use Cinema 4D mainly for 3D modeling we recommend a workstation with a high frequency CPU. Cinema 4D uses two cores. 3D modeling and animation are single-thread applications and therefore frequency-bound. C4D Workstation with higher CPU speeds offer significantly more performance. For this reason, we recommend using a workstation with fewer cores and higher clock rates. 



Unlike 3D modeling and animation, rendering is a multi-threaded application. The more CPU cores your system has for rendering, the faster the rendering tasks will be completed. In addition to traditional CPU rendering, Cinema 4D supports GPU rendering. Cinema 4D uses all usable cores of your workstation exclusively for rendering.



To improve viewport performance in Cinema 4D, it often makes sense to use a faster and larger GPU. We cannot confirm this statement. Cinema 4D primarily uses CPU and memory for its modeling tools. The use of 2 or more GPUs is not an option in our view, since Cinema 4D uses only one GPU. The use of a graphics card with OpenGL support from 4.1 is completely sufficient. We recommend nVidia Quadro cards and Geforce GTX cards. From a cost point of view, the GTX cards from NVida are very attractive, but due to the missing certification and isolated driver problems, they do not always have to be the better choice.



The use of an SSD is highly recommended.  Accelerated data access significantly improves performance. For Cinema 4D, we recommend installing the operating system and programs on an M.2 SSD and storing your projects on a second powerful SSD if this data is not secured by a server. Hardware recommendations for other CAD programs on request: