How to optimise your workstation for Allplan 2024


Allplan is a powerful CAD program for architects and engineers who value project control. Allplan focuses on BIM (Building Information Modeling) in order to offer a transparent database platform for the entire project team. Here is our hardware recommendation:

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Top-class Processors for Allplan 2024

For 2D drawings, Allplan Architecture requires a maximum of 1-2 CPU cores. An Intel Xeon 6-Core processor with 3.50 GHz or higher can handle this requirement effortlessly. If you want to view your 2D drawings as 3D models, your workstation is the right choice. Calculate 3D geometries (open GL), texture representations and shadow calculations require your CPU. If you mainly work with 3D planning and virtualisation, an Intel Core i9-12900K/13900K with a high clock frequency of up to 5.80 GHz in TurboBoost is recommended. Our CPU recommendations:

  • Intel Core i9-12900K: This 12th generation processor from Intel offers an impressive combination of performance and efficienny. With 16 Cores (8 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores) and a maximum Turob frequenzy of up to 5.20 GHz, the Intel i9-12900K is ideal for compute-intensive tasks and parallel processing. This CPU ensures smooth processing and virtualisation of your projects in Allplan 2024.

  •  Intel Xeon W-2245: The Xeon W-2245 is specially designed for professional workstations and offers 8 cores and 16 threads with a clock frequency of up to 4.7 GHz. It is optimised for stable and sustained performance for heavy workloads and supports ECC memory for added data integrity and reliability. This CPU is an excellent choice for users who value long-term stability and reliability.

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The Cinerenderer (for virtualisations) is able to use several cores simultaneously. From version 2024, the Cineware Redshif Renderer is available in Allplan. As the integrated Cineware Redshift Renderer places a heavy load on the GPU, you need a graphics card with 16 GB VRAM. Allplan requires the CPU for certain functions such as changing the layer status and loading drawing files. 

A generous amount of RAM is recommended for Allplan 2024 to ensure the best possible performance and efficiency when working on CAD and BIM projects. The amount and type of RAM depends on the complexity of your projects and specific requirements.

Recommended RAM for Allplan 2024

Minimum requirement: 16 GB DDR4 RAM

This configuration is suitable for small medium-sized projects and basic CAD and BIM Tasks.

Recommended configuration: 32 GB DDR4 / DDR5 RAM

This amount offers a good balance between performance and cost and is suitable for medium to large procects. It ensures that Allplan 2024 runs smoothly and enables more efficient multitasking and editing of comples models.

Optimum configuration: 64 GB DDR 4 / DDR 5 or more

For very large and complex projects involving extensive BIM models and detailed CAD drawings, 64GB RAM or more is ideal. This configuration offers maximum performance and stability, especially when several demanding applications are used simultaneously. In Applan Archtecture you have the option of allocation memory capacity directly for editing large project files.

Specifications of the RAM

Type: DDR4 / DDR5

Clock frequency: 3200 MHz or higher

ECC (Error Correcting Code): For additional stability and da security, ECC RAM can be considered, especially when ussing an Intel Xeon processor.

By choosing a sufficiently large and fast RAM, you ensure that Allplan 2024 works smoothly and efficiently, even with the most demanding projects. We recommend refuelling the memory in Quad Channel mode with ECC support and the option of an uncomplicated upgrade. Most of our business workstations provide you with 8-16 memory banks. We advise you to favour registered modules, also known as R-DIMM, RDIMM. Registered RAM is preferably used for memory-intensive applications in servers and business workstations. With registered DIMM memory (RDIMM), the register takes over the address lines. ECC DIMM can automatically recognise and correct any memory errors that occur without causing a system crash or data loss.

Allplan Architecture 2024 provides a range of certified graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD for every requirement. Our test with Nvidia graphics cards from the Geforce RTX series, models 4060, 4070 and 4070 Super, delivered excellent results. Software support is only available for certified graphics cards from the Nvidia Quadro series. Professional graphics cards are optimised for working with multiple windows and deliver significantly higher image quality when viewing shaded models.

An Nvidia RTX 4000 with 8GB VRAM is completely sufficient for the normal plan area. To optimise the display of complex 3D scenes, make sure your graphics card supports Open GL 4.5. Our performance recommendation is an Nvidia Quadro RTX A4000.

If you are drawing more complex building complexes, we recommend using a more powerful high-end graphics card. Our favorite recommendation is a Quadro RTX 2000 ADA with 16GB VRAM or 4000 ADA with 20GB VRAM, alternatively an AMD Radeon Pro W6800 with 32GB VRAM.

3D rendering with the integrated RedShift Renderer places high demands on the GPU in Allplan Architecture. 

We recommend installing the operating system and Allplan Architecture on an M.2 SSD. The whole system works faster with an M.2 NVME SSD hard disk as a boot drive. If the data is not stored on a server, the use of a RAID-1 array (mirror) is recommended. Thanks to the workgroup, Allplan Architecture provides you with the option of central data storage. If you checked the box for Local storage on your own computer during installation, your data is also saved locally.

Redshift is a powerful, GPU-accelerated renderer that is fully integrated into Allplan 2024. It enables you to create high-quality renderings in the shortest possible time. GPU acceleration by the Nvidia Quadro ADA series drastically reduces your rendering times and allows you to visualise projects in real time and see changes immediately.

Our specially configured enterprise workstation for Allplan 2024 offers you the perfect combination of the latest CPU and GPU technology to optimise your workflows and maximise productivity. With the Intel Core i9 12900K or the Intel Xeon W-2245, the Nvidia Quadro ADA 2000 or ADA 4000 graphics cards and the integrated Redshift Renderer, you are ideally equipped to master any challenge and achieve outstanding results. Opt for maximum performance and reliability - choose our enterprise workstation.

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