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CAD Workstation refurbished
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Uli Ludwig - refubish expert since 2001
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More RAM, new SSD and Quadro graphics card
More performance for your money
Uli Ludwig Wiki - IT Know How from practice for practice (illustrated instructions in German)
Einfaches Multi Monitoring mit Daisy Chaining
Daisy Chaining (Zusammenschluss mehrere Peripheriegeräte mit Hilfe eines Bussystems) ist ideal für Notebooks und Workstation mit einer beschränkten Anzahl an Anschlüssen.
Silent Workstation
In diesem Artikel zeigen wir Ihnen, wie wir unsere Workstation auf Geräuschentwicklung optimieren.
Vorteil Intel Xeon Prozessoren
Dieser Artikel erklärt Ihnen ganz kurz die Vorteile von Xeon Prozessoren zu Prozessoren der Intel iSerie.
Grafikkarten für CAD Anwendungen
Dieser Artikel wird euch mehr über die Unterschiede zwischen AMD- und Nvidia Grafikkarten, in bezug auf CAD erklären
Buy refurbished CAD workstation and laptop

Customers looking for a powerful computer will find that quality has its price. But purchasing a powerful computer does not always have to be unaffordable. Refurbished computers provide a good alternative to new products that are often highly priced. Purchasing a refurbished PC makes it possible to save money without having to forego quality. Refurbished computers sourced from industrial leases can be purchased from Uli Ludwig Computers at unbeatable prices. The overall opportunities are huge. You will find refurbished computers from HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Dell, Apple and other brand manufacturers.

Refurbished computers - more than just cheap

"Not be new but tried-and-true" is the motto of Uli Ludwig. It is not only the price that counts when you buy a refurbished PC. Uli Ludwig Computers offers you durable branded goods with matched components that can be easily exchanged. The refurbished computers originate from industrial leases and were regularly maintained by specialist staff. You will receive refurbished computers that have already been tested in continuous operation and are in the middle of their lifespan.

Buy refurbished computers like new

Please contact us at any time by phone or e-mail when you have special requests or queries regarding "refurbished computers at bargain prices". Mr Ludwig will gladly help you at any time with all questions concerning refurbished computers, so that even customers unfamiliar with computers can find the right, refurbished computer easily and quickly.

Use the advantages of our online shop and buy refurbished computers at bargain prices. Cheap, refurbished computers are no longer a problem.