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The CAD software NX from Siemens (formerly Unigraphics) is used for mechanical design, vehicle and tool construction and product development.  The components NX CAD for design, NX CAM for manufacturing and NX CAE for simulation offer the possibility to optimize the development process of your products. Below is our hardware recommendation:


The right Processor Architecture for Siemens NX

For the CAD program Siemens NX you can use an Intel Core 7, Intel Core i9 or use an Intel Xeon of the E- or W-series, a high gigahertz clock rate is always decisive. Intel Xeon processors are preferred in professional servers and workstations due to their stability and long-life cycle. Since Siemens NX is a compute-intensive program, we recommend a high-frequency Intel Xeon 6-Core processor from 3.5 GHz in combination with ECC (Error Correction Code) memory modules. ECC RAM is able to detect memory errors and correct them automatically, system crashes are avoided. If you mainly want to speed up 3D rendering processes, we recommend a powerful Business workstation with dual CPU and the highest possible clock frequency that your budget can afford.


How much memory for Siemens NX?

Since Siemens NX uses its own system for storage management, the so-called Base Storage Manager (BSM), it is always advisable to provide sufficient RAM. We recommend the use of at least 16 GB RAM. The allocation of the memory bars to the memory channels has a considerable influence on the performance of their main memory. Ideally, four modules of the same size are always active in identical memory channels. We recommend 32 GB RAM for 3D rendering of larger assemblies with 1,000 or more components.


powerful graphics cards for Siemens NX

For Siemens NX, the two leading graphics card manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA provide a range of certified graphics cards.  Since Siemens NX takes the performance of the graphics card into account for calculations, we recommend using a certified graphics card with at least 8GB and DirecX 12 support right from the start. If you want to perform simultaneous 5-axis machining, we recommend an NVIDIA Quadro RTX4000 with 8GB, Open GL 4.6, DirectX12 and 2304 CudaCores, optionally an NVIDIA Quadro from the Pascal series. Model P4000 with 8GB and 1792 CudaCores. Further expertise for Siemens NX: NVIDIA Quadro P2000, NVIDIA Quadro P5000, NVIDIA Quadro M6000, NVIDIA RTX5000 or AMD Radeon Pro W5100, AMD Radeon ProWX7100, AMD Radeon Pro WX8200, AMD Radeon Pro WX9100. 

The right SSD performance for Siemens NX

We recommend using a high-speed M.2 NVME SSD with 500 GB as the primary drive. The access times to an M.2 NVME SSD are enormously time-saving. Take the ultimate network and non-network comparison test. This test can detect and eliminate further performance brakes.

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