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ArchiCAD is a process-optimized 3D planning software for architects. ArchiCAD features an intuitive user interface with a focus on building data modeling (BIM). Architects benefit from being able to work with a single file from design to implementation planning. Take a look at our hardware expertise:


Powerful Processor

Optimal conditions are experienced by design processes in ArchiCAD due to a high processor clock frequency. For simple constructions we recommend an Intel Xeon Quad- or SixCore processor from 3.5 GHz. Since ArchiCAD requires a lot of computing power for 3D modeling processes and point calculations, it is important to ensure that the overall performance of the processor cores is as high as possible. To speed up complex 3D rendering processes, we recommend the use of a workstation with Dual Xeon Six- or Octa-Core processors from 2 x 3.0 GHz.


High-Performance ECC workstation memory

For simple project drawings, 16 GB RAM is required. To save more complex models and run applications in parallel, we recommend the use of 32 GB RAM with ECC function (Error Correction Code). With the support of ECC memory modules, DataBit errors can already be detected and corrected during operation without data loss.


Graphics Cards Comfort with three screens

ArchiCAD certifies nVidia Quadro, nvidia Geforce and AMD graphics cards. On request, we will be happy to inform you whether your graphics card is certified for ArchiCAD. In ArchiCAD, the graphics card does not play an important part for rendering. You can get a better overview by using three screens for your work around ArchiCAD. One display for the current ArchiCAD project, the second display for the current statics and with the third display you already answer a new email to leave no wishes unanswered for your client. For perfect results in 3D modeling, we recommend the use of professional graphics cards from nVidia Quadro of the Keppler, Maxwell or Pascal series or AMD FirePro of the W or AMD Radeon XW series.


HDD Speed up

For fast data access we recommend to install the operating system and its applications on a Samsung 960 PRO M.2 SSD with enough storage space. Ideally, you should store your current project data on a second SSD. This increase in speed is clearly noticeable.

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