Refurbished systems for schools and public authorities

How do I know you're not selling me used scrap?

All computers and the other components are branded goods, have been constantly serviced by qualified personnel and often still have the factory warranty. They get computers that have been successfully tested in continuous use and are in the prime of their lives.

Do the computers meet the multimedia demands placed on the devices in the age of discovering learning under PISA conditions?

The computers are designed for the highest industrial standards. However, should this not suffice in individual cases, I and my team will upgrade the devices according to your wishes with new components and the corresponding guarantee.

What happens if errors occur suddenly? Who guarantees me that you will be there quickly?

Here's how we do it: On request (and for a small surcharge) we install a remote monitoring system, with which we can work from the desk in your computer and carry out appropriate software repairs. If this does not help, we will be on site within 24 hours (also on weekends and holidays) and repair the device or provide a replacement device. Have you noticed how often computer stores open and close in your environment? Our guarantee is valid day and night and nationwide. And after the warranty period, we will also be on site reliably for corresponding (very inexpensive) flat rates.

I may have different demands on a computer in primary school than in secondary school. How can you take that into account?

First, tell me exactly what you need. Then I will advise you (because often in primary school you need multimedia programs that require a particularly good computer). After the consultation you decide what you want. I can supply you with just the equipment you want. Simple used computers, complex used computers, new devices, individually assembled computers and servers - and the corresponding components that best fit to them: Printers, scanners, networks, cameras and all the best software.

Sounds good - but you can tell me a lot. Buying and consulting computers is also a matter of trust. I actually prefer the local dealer.

No problem: ask the colleagues in the schools with whom we have worked in the past. Give me a call, I'll name a customer near you.

And: Nothing against the local dealer. Of course, I also work with the local dealer when it makes sense. But through my cooperation with the largest leasing companies, I can offer you the best branded calculators with constant maintenance and with factory warranty at quite astonishing prices.

You need computers on which complex software programs are to be installed and which require certain configurations so that they bring exactly what you expect from them: In this case, come to me. I am the expert for safe and inexpensive services in the field of education.

Your advantages at a glance

  • durable, robust hardware (computer, laptop, projector, smartboard)
  • large quantities for a small budget
  • uniform components/li>

  • pre-installed operating system
  • 3 years warranty
  • personal consultation with written offer