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Vectorworks is a CAD program for Building Information Modelling (BIM). 3D models can be created from 2D models, the data of your building is digitally modelled and displayed as a virtual model. Vectorworks was developed for architects, engineers and construction artists.


Which processor is most suitable?

VectorWorks uses a maximum of 1-2 cores of its CPU for 2D drawings. Our recommendation is a high frequency Intel Xeon Quad-Core from 3 GHz. For more complex constructions and complex renderings Vectorworks uses all available cores. We recommend a workstation with Six- or Octa-Core from 3.5 GHz.


How much memory does my workstation need?

For simple 2D drawings 16 GB RAM are standard. In order to optimally support the rendering processes, we recommend the use of 32 GB identical memory modules with ECC support (Error Correcting Code). These modules detect and correct single bit errors automatically and avoid fatal data damage and system crashes.


Which graphics card has the best performance?

nVidia Geforce series graphics cards perform much better in Vectorworks than in other CAD applications. The speed and quality of the screen display of plans and 3D models are optimally implemented by nVidia GTX graphics cards. We recommend an nVidia Quadro GTX 1060 as Founders Edition with 6GB GDDR5, Open GL 4.5 and 1,280 Cuda cores. If you want to take full advantage of OpenGL rendering and create an error-free representation of objects with high shadow quality, we recommend using an nVidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti or a Geforce RTX 2080. As a cheap alternative we can recommend graphics cards from AMD model FirePro Radeon WX5100 or WX7100.


Which hard disk is the fastest for my system?

Solid state drives are the measure of all things for more speed. The operating system and its programs are started every second. An MVme M.2 SSD in combination with an HP Z Turbo Drive brings a further increase. You can store your project data on a second SSD or on a conventional S-ATA hard disk.


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