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The 2D and 3D modeling program SketchUp Pro is a powerful and inexpensive CAD tool for three-dimensional solutions in architecture, product design, advertising and graphic design. SketchUp Pro is easy and intuitive to use. 


Power Pack Processor

SketchUp Pro uses a single processor core for 2D and 3D designs. The higher the clock frequency of this processor, the better the performance in SketchUp. That's why we recommend an Intel Xeon Quad- or Six-Core from 3.0 GHz. If you use your workstation for renderings and simulations, you will benefit from each individual processor core. For multithreading processes we recommend a workstation with dual CPU. 


Bottle neck Memory 

Per CPU core it is recommended to use up to 6 GB RAM per existing processor core for computationally intensive CAD programs. If you choose an Intel Xeon Quad Core, we recommend using 16GB of memory for SketchUp. For more demanding tasks, such as rendering, we recommend using 32GB and more of memory.


The best graphics card

The graphics card plays a minor role in SketchUp. There are no major advantages to using high-end graphics cards. We recommend using Quadro or GTX series nVidia dedicated graphics cards. PassMark's benchmark test has proven itself as a performance index. SketchUP recommends graphics cards with at least 2,000 PassMark points.


Hard disk speed-up

Due to our very positive experiences with solid state hard disks we can recommend SSD hard disks without restrictions.  Our tip: Install the operating system and the CAD programs on an M.2 SSD and use a second SSD for fast access to your project data. If you need additional larger storage space, 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB S-ATA hard disks are suitable as a cost-effective alternative.

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