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The 3D computer graphics program Autodesk 3ds Max was specially developed for modelling and visualisation. Graphic designers, game developers, CAD artists and architects use Autodesk 3ds Max for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. Here is our hardware recommendation:


Efficient processor

Single threading applications like Autodesk 3ds Max develop their full potential with the highest possible processor clock rate. For easy modelling and animation we recommend a high frequency Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor from 3.5 GHz. Autodesk 3ds Max uses a CPU-based rendering engine for rendering. In order to process the rendering processes quickly and fluently, a high number of CPU cores is required. For complex 3D rendering projects we recommend at least a Six- or Octa-Core from 3.0 GHz, optionally a special rendering workstation with Dual-Xeon processors.  


Sufficient working memory

For most Autodesk 3ds Max users, 16-32 GB of memory is sufficient. Make sure that your workstation provides you with enough RAM banks. We recommend an HP Z440 with 8 memory banks. RAM with ECC (Error Correction Code) support offers higher reliability. Errors in memory can distort data, resulting in incorrect data and calculations and system crashes. For CAD artists who work with complex models and renderings on a daily basis, we recommend using one of our RAM-optimized workstations from 64 to 128 GB.  


The optimal graphics card

In Autodesk 3ds Max you need a performance-optimized graphics card to be able to display scenes in motion optimally. If you use 2-4 GB drawings, the input/output operations between the hard disk and the graphics card memory can lead to image printers as soon as the graphics card memory is fully utilized. We recommend an 8GB nVidia Quadro M4000, alternatively an nVidia Geforce GTX 1060 and advise you to check for driver support and AutoDesk 3ds Max certifications. For rendering operations, Autodesk 3ds Max makes no great demands on the graphics card. If you are using a third-party rendering engine, using two graphics cards may pay off.  


Hard disk accelerator

SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives and in many cases can significantly reduce the time it takes to open and save files - not to mention simply starting Windows and starting 3ds Max itself. Our customers mainly use Samsung M.2 SSD of the Pro series for the installation of the operating system and store their project data locally on.