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Solid Edge is a powerful 2D and 3D CAD program specifically designed for industrial use. Mechanical engineers and product developers in a wide range of industries use Solid Edge from the first drawing to the finished 3D design. Solid Edge was developed directly for Windows and the user interface is reminiscent of the familiar Microsoft Office. Following is our expertise for Solid Edge:


reliable processing power

Like most CAD programs, Solid Edge mainly uses a processor core. Optimum performance is achieved by a correspondingly high clock speed of the CPU. Rendering and simulation often use multiple cores under Solid Edge. With a high frequency Intel Xeon Six-Core from 3.5 GHz the computing time around your 3D rendering tasks accelerates enormously.


solid memory

Typically, Solid Edge does not require more than 16 GB of RAM for simple assemblies. If you use larger assemblies, the memory can be three times the size of your largest assembly including all subassemblies and components used. We recommend 32GB RAM (4x8GB, DDR4) and a workstation, which provides you with 8 memory banks on the mainboard to be able to upgrade the main memory if necessary. For more complex assemblies we recommend for your workstation the use of up to 64 GB memory with error correction code.


graphic engine

For optimal graphics performance, a professional graphics card from Nvidia or AMD, specially designed for CAD applications, is ideal. Get certified driver support right from the start. A nVidia Quadro K2000 with 2GB is sufficient as an entry GPU. For their work with large assemblies or complex components, a graphics card with at least 4 GB is required. We recommend an nVidia Quadro M2000 or an AMD FirePro W5100. If 3D modeling plays a large part in your workflow, we recommend a Quadro P4000, P5000, or  a nVIDIA Quadro RTX4000. We advise against cheaper gaming cards due to the short driver release cycles and missing certifications.


Solid State for Solid Edge

SSD hard drives make your work around Solid Edge easier. The programs and project data are accessed much faster. We recommend to install the operating system and the CAD program Solid Edge on an M.2 SSD. Preferably a Samsung M.2 SSD, model 960 Pro. You store your project data on a second Samsung SSD of the 960 Pro series.

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