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Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions:
Why is it worth buying refurbished notebooks and PCs?

Refurbished does not necessarily mean ready for scrap! If you have ever bought a refurbished car from a specialist dealer, you may already know some of the advantages of used products: technically and visually completely overhauled, fully functional and inexpensive. Our devices are brand name devices and come mainly from industrial leasing. After 1 - 3 years, these devices, which are designed for longevity and reliability, are far from obsolete. So if you do not necessarily need a state-of-the-art device, you can save money with us.
What is the difference between consumer and business monitors?

Consumer TFTs are tailored in quality and price to the requirements of normal office work and not to the requirements of professional users, e.g. from science, architecture or engineering. The subtle differences of moving video images cannot be reproduced by ordinary displays. Business monitors behave completely differently. These professional screens are superior in picture reproduction especially in the following points: White balance, dynamic range, viewing angle, black level, color fidelity and image quality.

Another reason to choose a business monitor is its operation. Most commercial computer screens do not have easily accessible function keys: Consumer screens hide the functions in complex menu structures, while professional displays give you direct access to the menu. With professional screens, brightness, contrast, white level, inputs and other important parameters can be adjusted quickly and easily - an invaluable advantage for every user.

Unlike business monitors, ordinary TFT computers tend to have so-called staircase effects due to their inadequate quality.  These displays are not capable of displaying transitions from light to dark in a differentiated way. The fine details disappear in the darker image areas, so that only black "blocks" are displayed. The viewer has no chance to determine whether it is on the screen or whether, for example, the camera's shooting possibilities have been misjudged.

New consumer notebook or refurbished business notebook?

Are you looking for an affordable notebook and don't want to compromise on quality? Then you may be faced with the question of whether you should buy a new consumer notebook or a refurbished business notebook. You can already feel the difference between a consumer notebook and a business notebook when you touch it: The notebooks for users from companies and business are of higher quality. Sturdy housings offer optimum protection against falling and impact damage. Consumer notebooks are usually supplied with plastic covers. Business notebooks have display hinges made of sturdy metal. The covers and housings of the professional devices are made of resistant aluminium and provide optimum protection.

Larger companies in particular, such as those listed on the DAX index, attach great importance to high-quality workmanship in their leasing products. Some manufacturers, such as Panasonic, even meet the strict military guidelines with regard to vibration protection, water and heat compatibility and compressive strength. For this reason, the useful life of business notebooks is above average, often up to 10 years.

  •     Refurbished Business Notebooks with splash-proof keyboard

The keyboard in business notebooks is often splash-proof. In Lenovo's T-Series, an overturned coffee cup can no longer result in a total loss. Several insulation layers under the keyboard prevent liquid from penetrating into the housing. The splash-proof keyboard gives the user enough time to save data and shut down the system properly.

  •     Hard disk protection for refurbished business notebooks

To protect the hard disks, many manufacturers of business notebooks integrate a motion sensor: This sensor detects violent vibrations and automatically moves the read/write heads into a safe position so that they do not drag over the magnetic disks and destroy the data carrier.

  • Fingerprint sensors protect used business notebooks from unauthorized access

Many Lenovo business notebooks are equipped with a fingerprint sensor that protects the device from unauthorized access. With a fingerprint scanner or a slot for a smart card, many business notebooks can therefore be conveniently protected against unauthorized access. In addition, numerous professional mobile computers have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). In combination with security software you can encrypt data - if the notebook is stolen, the thief can't do anything with it.

  •     Matt display for refurbished business notebooks

Notebooks intended for large companies are almost exclusively equipped with anti-glare displays to meet the ergonomic requirements for office work on the screen. If you work with the mobile computer under changing light conditions, a matt display from Dell or HP, for example, is an advantage.

  •     Refurbished business notebooks with faster WLAN

Comprehensive network equipment is essential for a business notebook. The mobile devices often contain antennas that guarantee a faster and more stable WLAN connection. It is not without reason that the fastest WLAN modules with a data rate of 450 Mbps are reserved for business notebooks; you will also only find integrated mobile radio modems in professional notebooks.

  •     Docking stations for refurbished business notebooks

Another advantage of professional notebooks is the possibility of connecting a docking station, e.g. from Lenovo. A docking station makes it easy to connect a larger monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer. The notebook is placed on the docking station and all connected devices are ready for use.

  •     Replacing the battery and increasing the running time

Some business notebooks also have a special battery connection on the bottom. Unlike consumer notebooks, the built-in battery can be replaced with a higher capacity battery.

Refurbished document scanners - For whom is the purchase worthwhile?

With a high-quality document scanner such as Kodak, documents can be processed conveniently and quickly and archived on your computer. Professional scanners feature Fujitsu fi-6130 document scanners with a high optical resolution, the scanned graphics are pin sharp and the devices work at a higher speed than simple scanners. The sheets are processed quickly thanks to automatic feeders (ADF). High-performance scanners can process up to 500 A4 pages per minute. LAN, USB, SCSI or Firewire interfaces are provided.

Professional document scanners are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors: In the construction industry plans are technically documented, medicine uses the scanning of X-rays, medical practices are able to archive patient files in order to communicate more quickly with colleagues, clinics and health insurance companies, historical images can be digitized, law firms even scan entire briefs.

  •     Professional document scanner with network and duplex function

The paper guide of the professional document scanners is extremely precise and, thanks to the multifeed detection, some of which uses ultrasound, the devices are able to detect a wide variety of paper types, thick, thin or double-sided printed pages without any problems. The hard-wearing and high-quality consumables, such as the feed rollers, are easily accessible and can be replaced without difficulty. Most models have special functions, such as automatic image cropping or automatic skew correction as well as network and duplex functions.

Small and space-saving models, professional devices are extremely easy to maintain, the meter readings of the scanned pages can be easily read out in order to determine the exact costs for consumables.

  •     Document scanner for large format DIN A3

With the help of A3 document scanners, so-called large format scanners, you can make professional digitalizations in different paper formats, e.g. in the special format DIN A3 (42 cm x 29.7 cm) in connection with most fastidious professional applications. With a professional document scanner, a variety of image optimizations can be made such as automatic skew correction, automatic image rotation, removal of print grids, text enhancement, book spine correction, horizontal and vertical document separation, color optimization and barcode recognition.

Refurbished laser printer or new inkjet printer? Advantages of a professional b/w laser printer from leasing

You are unsure whether the purchase of a used b/w laser printer is worthwhile for you? The following tips will help you make the right decision:

  •     Improve print quality

The print quality of laser printers is significantly higher. Printing fonts and graphics with a high-quality laser printer always succeeds with better edge sharpness and graphics make a more professional impression when printed with a professional device. The edges of the characters are much sharper than with an inkjet or photo printer. A further advantage is the resistance of the prints to moisture and direct light.

  •     Increase printing speed

The printing speed is sometimes many times faster than with comparable consumer devices. The print speed describes how many pages per minute can be processed and printed.

  •     Observe maximum monthly print volume

The monthly print volume is crucial for the performance of a professional laser printer. Never print more pages than specified in the data sheet. As a result, the longevity of the printer will suffer considerably. Professional devices have a counter reading that allows you to easily view the printed pages at any time.

  •     Reduce printing costs

Laser printers with a print volume of approx. 100 pages per month or more are significantly cheaper in terms of running costs. The average cost of a monochrome laser printer is around 1-2 cents per print.

  •     Use the many functions of a laser printer

Professional printers are often equipped with several paper trays containing different paper formats for their prints. Professional end devices are network-compatible, provide additional connections, such as an additional USB port, and have a large buffer memory to handle a large number of print jobs in a short time. A duplex unit is often available for double-sided printouts.

  •    Toner does not dry up

The toner does not dry up on laser printers, even if you print very little, the paper can be printed on both sides without smearing the pages. Photo printers, on the other hand, always have to struggle with dried ink and after some time with print heads that have become unusable. High-quality laser printers do not require a cleaning program, no expensive toner is wasted on the cleaning programs.

  •     Printer language makes the difference

Another difference between professional devices is the printer language. The printer language is responsible for the page formatting of your printouts. If you use special programs, such as CAD programs, special layout software or programs for form printing, it is important to know which printer language best supports the corresponding software for optimal printouts. High-quality laser printers support both the printer languages PCL and PostScript.


Why are there no accessories?
Most of our goods come from industrial leasing. Accessories such as drivers, software or manuals on CD are usually no longer available when the devices return from the lease, but can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer's support site. Or simply click ganaz on the corresponding link in our product description.
Can I reserve my desired article?

We are happy to reserve your desired article once and without obligation for 1 day. A prerequisite for this is that the article is available from stock at least twice. You can also secure the product by paying online and picking it up in person.
Do you also buy used notebooks and computers from home?
Where can I find my Windows license sticker?

If the Windows license sticker is not visible on the case, please look at the bottom side after or under the battery. This is the case with all Lenovo ThinkPads, for example. German instructions for installing Windows can be found in the Uli Ludwig Wiki.