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Uli's Quality Seal is a quality seal you can rely on. The high quality standards for refurbishing and service ensures that you are able to enjoy refurbished hardware.


100% reliable - refurbished notebooks and refurbished computers from Uli Ludwig


Our products are mainly refurbished computers with a long life span and A-grade quality. All refurbished notebooks and computers are


  • tested and professionally overhauled; 

  • cleaned with compressed air on the inside and prepared in an environmentally compatible manner on the outside; keyboards are disinfected and 

  • components such as hard disks, main memory, graphics cards and optical drives are subjected to functional tests.


Support - personal, honest, competent

refurbished computers


Mr Ludwig will gladly help you directly if you have any questions before or after your purchase. Our support includes:  

  • Callback service - no irritating hotline!

  • Emergency service also on weekends

  • 2-years warranty


Safely packaged - refurbished notebooks and computers


Our packaging ensures that your order will arrive undamaged at your home. Each component is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and fastened to prevent slipping inside the cardboard box. The stable, double-walled cardboard box ensures that your item of choice can survive a drop from a 1-metre height without damage.



Switch on and go

We supply refurbished laptops and refurbished computers with pre-installed Windows 7 Professional operating systems (or on request and extra charge Windows 10) and all device drivers. 

In addition, we are supplying you with a number of complimentary user programs that you can assemble according to your requirements. You can chose your favorite tools from 90 applications and install them with a single joint process. The installation program “ninite” is aiding you in swiftly installing the most important tools. The according icon is placed on the desktop of your Uli Ludwig Computer.


Refurbished monitors - PIXELFAULTFREE


All refurbished monitors are checked for pixel faults. Our PIXELFAULTFREE test* covers all hardware-related pixel faults and includes

  • Standard testing of monitors with the EIZO test software on a Dell T3500 work station with Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card. We will also test refurbished monitors on request, using test software of your choice. Please specify before your purchase!

  • Testing for pixel faults and sub-pixel faults, spots and irregular colour distributions or irritating noises until we have found a fault-free monitor for you

  • 1 replacement delivery - if a single pixel fault should occur within 14 days after receiving the monitor. The serial numbers of all devices are already registered during the dispatch process.


* All pixel faults resulting from perception, software and thermal effects are excluded from the PIXELFAULTFREE test. The usual warranty according to ISO Standard Pixel Fault Class II for new devices applies to refurbished monitors that are operated with a different configuration from the one described above.


Windows 7 in your language 


Until now, changing the language of your Windows 7 computer was limited to owners or users of the ultimate or enterprise version of the operating system.


With the mini tool Vistalizator, users of all the other versions of Windows 7 can change their system language. In order to do so, Uli Ludwig customers from abroad only have to download the desired language pack and to activate it using Vistalizator. The tool works with Windows 7 in both versions, the 32 bit as well as the 64 bit operating system.


You find an English step-by-step guide here