• Server & network

  • Refurbished server hardware directly from a specialist

    It does not always have to be new! Our refurbished servers, storage devices and switches have already proven themselves and are available at a good price. The price advantage of 2-year-old storage systems, for example, can be close to 80% - enough for five-digit savings potentials. Our refurbished goods are also ideal for short-term projects. They can be sent immediately and can provide you with service within a very short time. Collection is even possible on a weekend, if required.

    Refurbished server hardware and refurbished storage

    We can provide you with refurbished servers and refurbished storage as well as refurbished server hardware. Buy a refurbished HP server - and feel good about it! Because our motto is: "It does not have to be new, it just has to be reliable!" Our devices are sourced from industrial leases and some of them still have a residual warranty from the manufacturer. We offer you quality business hardware from well-known brands. These are branded A-Grade quality products with a long service life. It is advantageous to buy these servers in refurbished form, as they have been professionally maintained and were cleaned by us on the inside and outside. 

    Refurbished servers at Uli Ludwig Computer

    We place emphasis on personal and comprehensive advice. We will help you and answer your questions - personally, honestly and competently. Please call us at (+49) 69 37003940 and we will gladly be at your service. You can also send us an e-mail to uludwig@uli-ludwig.de. We will reply as quickly as possible and gladly advise you comprehensively and in detail with regard to refurbished servers, refurbished storage systems or workstation.