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Autodesk Maya is a CAD program for animation, modeling, simulation and 3D rendering. The Maya software offers many creative tools to support artists in realizing their ideas and meets the extremely high demands of today's productions in the fields of film, advertising and graphic design. Following is our hardware recommendation:


High-Performance Processor

Like most Autocad programs, Maya uses only one processor core for 3D modeling and simulation. For optimal results, we recommend a high-frequency quad or SixCore processor, from 3.5 GHz. In contrast to 3D modeling and animation tasks, rendering with Autocad Maya is an enormously multi-threaded process. The more CPU cores are installed in your Maya workstation, the faster the rendering tasks are processed.


Optimizing the working memory

The size of the memory depends on the complexity of your models. Usually 16-32 GB RAM is sufficient for most rendering operations. If you render more complex models, we recommend an optimized rendering configuration of 64 to 128 GB.


Faster 3D animations with nVidia graphics cards

Autodesk Maya requires a powerful graphics card. For post-production video editing, nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards have the advantage of higher performance compared to nVidia Quadro cards. Maya has a range of certified graphics cards from the nVidia Quadro and nVidia Geforce GTX series available.



SSD hard drives start the operating system much faster and you need less time to load your CAD programs.  Rendering and ViewPort performance will not be significantly accelerated by using an SSD. The extremely fast access times of a solid state hard disk are important. We recommend using a primary M.2 SSD for the operating system and Autodesk Maya and a secondary SSD for your project data.

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