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Allplan is a powerful CAD program for architects and engineers who value project control. Allplan focuses on BIM (Building Information Modeling) in order to offer a transparent database platform for the entire project team. Here is our hardware recommendation:


Powerful Processor

For 2D drawings, Allplan Architecture requires a maximum of 1-2 CPU cores. An Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor with 3 GHz or higher can handle this requirement effortlessly. If you want to view your 2D drawings as 3D models, your workstation is the right choice. Calculate 3D geometries (open GL), texture representations and shadow calculations require your CPU. If you mainly work with 3D planning and virtualization, a 6- or 8-Core with high clock frequency from 3.5 GHz is the better choice.


Does the use of multiprocessors make sense?

The Cinerenderer (for virtualizations) is able to use several cores simultaneously. Allplan requires the CPU for certain functions such as changing the layer status and loading drawing files. It would make sense for Allplan to be able to make optimal use of the computing power of several cores in the future. The right question is: What performance do I expect from my Allplan workstaion when I need it? A productive CAD workstation can't have enough power. Focus on tomorrow's eventualities instead of current needs.


efficient Memory for Allplan

We recommend the use of not less than 16 GB RAM. Allplan Architecture allows you to directly allocate storage capacity for editing large project files. Please note that other applications also use memory resources. We recommend 32 GB RAM (4x8GB) with the option of a simple upgrade to 64 GB RAM.


No support for non-certified graphics cards

Allplan Architecture 2021 provides a range of certified graphics cards from NVidia and AMD for every requirement. Software support is only available for certified hardware. Professional graphics cards are optimized for working with multiple windows and deliver significantly higher image quality when viewing shaded models. An nVidia Quadro M4000 with 8GB VRAM is completely sufficient for the normal planning area.

To achieve an optimal display of complex 3D scenes, please make sure that your graphics card supports Open GL 4.5. Our performance recommendation is an NVIDIA Quadro P2000, P4000, alternatively a Geforce RTX4000. If you draw more complex building complexes, we recommend using a more powerful high-end graphics card. Our recommendation to use an NVIDIA Quadro P5000, P6000 or a Geforce RTX5000 alternatively an AMD Radeon WX9100. For 3D rendering, the GPU in Allplan Architecture is under little stress.


Allplan projects on the hard disk

We recommend installing the operating system and Allplan Architecture on an M.2 SSD. The whole system works faster with an M.2 NVME SSD hard disk as a boot drive. If the data is not stored on a server, the use of a RAID-1 array (mirror) is recommended. Thanks to the workgroup, Allplan Architecture provides you with the option of central data storage. If you checked the box for *Local storage on your own computer* during installation, your data is also saved locally.

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